Monday, June 9, 2014

This Single Lady's Life 2

This Singe Lady's Life Part 2

A look back at my dating history. I don't recall any baby crushes, but I do remember hanging out with the son of one my mother's close friends when I was in third grade. Then nothing. I was one of five African American students in my entire elementary school. I was shy and unsure of myself. Middle school much of the same although I did attend a much more diverse school. I developed physically early and this attracted attention from much older boys some times even young adults. Being approached by grown men on the streets was very scary for me. Since I was shy I kept my head down and tried to ignore them.

High School was different I met the friend of a girl I'd worked with over the summer before freshmen year. He was nice to me, he held my hand, he gave me my first kiss, he walked me home from school. A few weeks after we met he noticed that his ex girlfriend lived in my apartment complex. He never talked to me again but he did start visiting her regularly. I had a big crush on a boy I only saw from afar. He wasn't in any of my classes and I didn't have the nerve to speak to him. So I put my nose in the books and graduated with honors and childless. The latter was quite an accommplishment since so many among my senior class graduated as parents.

College, time to get out there and date I thought. I tried posting an ad online and met a handful of interesting young men. 

Want to know about them and why I'm still single?                                          
Stay tuned there's much more to This Single Lady's Life.

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